Leverage Technology to Reduce Effort and Experience convenience!

We understand your need to manage employee data effortlessly, in order to help our B2b partners automate time-consuming data management tasks like Adding New Employees, Deleting Employees, Updating Employee records etc. on the Ola Corporate dashboard. Ola has exposed a set of APIs.

Who should integrate Corporate Partner APIs?

If you are a large b2b enterprise with:

  • More than 100 employees to manage.
  • You want to automate data sync for managing employee expenses.
  • You have pre-ride approval codes that need to be automatically synced into our system.

Then write to us at corp_apisupport@olacabs.com

Here’s why you should consider API integration with us?

One time effort to integrate APIs will go a long way in helping you with the following:

  • Automate employee addition process.
  • Better Travel policy governance.
  • Seamless data sync for employee rides.
  • Pre-ride approval management through ride tags.
  • Automatically delete employees and avoid misuse.
  • Reduce manual effort and increase process efficiency.

How to integrate Ola Corporate partner APIs?

We know to simplify difficult things and offer an easy three-step integration process:

  1. Review sample scripts.
  2. Request for Sandbox token and complete UAT.
  3. Request for Production token and integrate.


Write to us on corp_apisupport@olacabs.com or contact your account manager. We will respond to you as soon as possible.